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Reimagine Twinbrook: Twinbrook Quarter

B.F. Saul Company


B. F. Saul was looking to transform its 18-acre strip center site into Twinbrook Quarter, a mixed-use transit oriented development adjacent to the Twinbrook Metro Station in Rockville, MD. Located within Rockville city limits, this redevelopment required a series of approvals by the Mayor and Council and the Planning Commission, accompanied by public hearings and community meetings.  Along the way, other issues required community engagement, such as changes to Rockville’s Pike Plan and adjustments to the City’s Adequate Public Facilities policy.


Chesapeake created the brand “Reimagine Twinbrook,” including a logo and new website, to promote awareness about the project and build community support.  We conducted extensive outreach through community meetings, presentations at civic associations throughout the City, living room meetings and one-on-one conversations.  To fully engage supporters, we created a neighborhood workgroup, which met periodically to provide feedback and help strategize.  Chesapeake also established a strong online presence for the project by activating an online petition drive and creating a Facebook page, which garnered more than 1,350 “likes.”



The positive excitement about Twinbrook Quarter was widespread throughout the City and very strong.  There was a strong presence of supporters at every public forum and hearing, as well as hundreds of petition signatures and countless supportive emails sent to the Mayor and Council. Due to this overwhelming support and the project’s wide array of benefits to the City, the plans for Twinbrook Quarter have been approved every step of the way, most recently with unanimous approval of the Project Plan.

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