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Quick Tip #1: Keeping in touch during Coronavirus

During these unusual times, finding innovative ways to keep stakeholders engaged has become a top-of-mind concern. Over the coming days and weeks, Chesapeake will share communications best practices that maintain productive relationships with your key audiences. 

QUICK TIP #1: Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room Now is a good time to send a mass email to your constituency, keeping in mind that it’s crucial to strike a balance. “Business as usual” communications during a pandemic can make your company appear tone-deaf and irrelevant. At the same time, total silence can make your stakeholders feel disconnected, particularly in an advocacy campaign. An effective email should include these message points:

  1. Acknowledge the situation with sincere expressions of empathy and caring.

  2. Provide an update on your initiative.

  3. Remind your audience of the various ways in which they can interact with you.

  4. Include a link to local and/or state COVID-19 resource websites.

  5. Some of Chesapeake’s clients describe adjustments to their operations. This is particularly important for projects currently under construction.

To ensure wider coverage, be sure to post your message on other communications platforms, including websites and social media.

Watch your email for more Quick Tips in the days to come. Please accept our best wishes for you, your loved ones and employees to stay safe and healthy during these trying times.   


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